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Minister of Transportation Kuong Danhier Gatluak told The Associated Press

Minister of Transportation Kuong Danhier Gatluak told The Associated Press …

Toy parts that can easily become lodged in a child’s

Toy parts that can easily become lodged in a child’s …

There will be times when we will employ fixed income

There will be times when we will employ fixed income …


A lot of people had their doubts

about “Joey from Friends” presenting a British national treasure, but Matt LeBlanc is proving a popular host. The understated eyebrow raises and sarcastic remarks all prove that he just gets Top Gear. Unlike Evans, whose volume and cheesy presenting style is grinding gears on Twitter..

Even when he sent me down, he looked me in the eye. Grandfather George (Snooze) Ireland, was a munitions carrier in the Canadian army in World War I and an early CFL star. His father, John, became a Hamilton fireman after World War II service as a naval officer fighting off deadly u boats.So a Quinn interview could easily veer from hockey into history, military, politics, law (he took time out for a degree), with a good Imlach story and a touch of Irish blarney.

How could I go wrong, when I could order about 14 jerseys from this website for the price of one Nike Elite Jersey.www.elitecheapnfljerseysauthentic.com I didn’t end up ordering 14, but I found a new Packers jersey I wanted and the modest total came to about $23. Our group’s order totaled 12 jerseys in all..

A Doppler examination of exocranial and endocranial arteries was also normal. A Schellong test (blood pressure (BP) and pulse monitoring every minute for 3 minutes in the resting supine position, followed by standing up immobile and unsupported for up to 20 minutes with BP and pulse monitoring every minute) demonstrated signs of orthostatic intolerance. BP increased from 103/68 mmHg to 154/77 mmHg after movement from the horizontal to vertical position, associated with an increase in heart rate (HR) from 73 to 111 beats/min (38 beats/min increase) and a maximum HR of 130 beats/min during the test (table 1).

Have four losses by a total of five goals (not counting one into an empty net last week). We have to learn to win these tight games. It a one goal league and we coming up on the wrong side of it right now. One song I been working on, MicahTron says, breaking into hip hop cadence. From a country where justice is killing kids/ and they wonder why we got no sense to give./ A belly of f coppers cocking their guns/ and we forever on the run like the earth chasing the sun. The new direction owes as much to current events in the United States as it does to her personal history..

Sort your uniforms. If applicable, divide uniform parts by color in separate piles that is, darks and lights. Also, separate particularly dirty work clothes from the rest of the wash. Regions of the US known to have increased rates of breast conserving surgery had longer intervals before radiotherapywholesale jerseys, suggesting limitations in capacity. Given the known negative impact of local recurrence on survival, mechanisms to ameliorate disparities and policies regarding waiting times for treatment might be warranted.IntroductionThe past two decades have witnessed an increase in the use of radiotherapy and in waiting times to start radiotherapy.1 2 3 4 Waiting lists for radiotherapy are now common in many parts of the world.4 5 6 7 8 Longer times to radiotherapy are a result of rise in demand from intensified screening, greater number of diagnoses of cancer in an ageing population, and expanding indications for and increasing technological complexity of treatment that outstrips the supply of equipment and services.Although four to six weeks is generally cited as a reasonable interval between surgery and radiotherapy,9 evidence regarding the effect of waiting times in patients in breast cancer is mixed. Some studies have found no association between time to radiotherapy and local recurrence after breast conserving surgery,10 11 12 while others have reported increased recurrence among patients with longer intervals.13 14 15 16 Because local recurrence after breast conserving surgery and radiotherapy is a relatively uncommon event, the inconsistency across studies might reflect variable power to detect a difference.


Look around the engine bay at the spots

where the metal struts come together the joints should be straight, with no signs of recent welding. Take a look underneath the car and watch for rust on the rails, in the wheel wells, or basically anywhere else. Be afraid of rust.

A thorough personal, family, and medical history Your practitioner will start by asking you a lot of questions (or having you fill out a questionnaire) about your child’s and your family’s health history. ADHD runs in families and it’s common for a brother or sister to have the disorder, or for parents to have symptoms even though they’ve never been diagnosed. Sometimes kids will speak more freely when their parents aren’t within earshot.

So they don bother repairing them each year. Instead, the watchman helps people fill buckets from the source.http://www.cheapjerseys11.com If you want more than what he can help with, be his guest .. We have overworked the planet. Still, we can stop environmental degradation by following certain rules. Creating awareness about the duties and responsibilities of the citizens of EARTH is equally important.

It for a 1 speed crank. It has the same pitch and roller diameter of 40 chain. That would be awesome if you find time to do that. Waldron ( In re Waldron) 785 F.2d 936, 941 (11 th Cir. 1986), cert. 1028 (1986).. The influence of the Portuguese saw Brazilian women clad in dresses/skirts made from Bordado Richelieu, a doily like embroidered fabric that is very much like Venetian lace. Brazil is well known for its spectacular street parades during the Brazil Carnival. The street parades wouldn’t be half as attractive if it weren’t for the great costumes worn by the people.

This quality is what really connects creative innovation with real life implementation. Left brained employees are able to envision the path from point A to point B. They see the strategy required to make innovation effective and naturally take into account the feasibility of an idea during both the planning and the execution..

The plastic elbow pads and knee pads are exactly that. I looked for blue ones,cheap jerseys but that can be difficult. So, I painted them to match my helmet color. “Oh, Bergerac was filmed there wasn’t it” after asking if you were a millionaire of course.Use the form on this page to tell us about your time as a Bergerac extra including which episode you were in if you remember and a bit about your experience.Jan, St BreladeI was in an episode filmed at St Ouen’s Manor where a fencing competition was taking place I was in the audience. I also played a reporter taking notes as the crypt was opened and something special ( a sword?)was found in there.The thing I remember most is the way they kept feeding us every couple of hours and then we got paid as well, I think about for the day which I thought was wonderful. I also remember the peacock kept screaming and they had to keep re doing bits because of it.Darren DixonFAO I remember the scene you’re describing.


That’s the heart of Ohura

cozzie club.” And as the pallid sunlight gives way to the fog, that’s where the residents of Ohura end up. The place is huge large enough to squeeze in the town’s population three times over. Most of the tables and pool tables are covered over with sheets, the 50th birthday parties which attract large crowds increasingly uncommon.A deer head mounted above the door wears a hat.

When you invest in a new road bike, you want to get the gear that goes with the bicycle for the optimal cycling experience. A road racer may refer to her gear as a “kit.” It typically consists of a skintight cycling suit, a set of cycling shoes, gloves, a helmet and some accessories for turning an everyday ride into a serious training regimen.http://www.cheapjerseys11.com Road cyclists care about cutting down weight, so an item has to be particularly useful to make the cut..

Several patients used Sildenafil or intracavernous injections postoperatively. In the group of patients with postoperative partial recovery 14 patients (66.7%) used one of these methods, in the group of patients without recovery five (36.7%) and in the group of patients with full recovery three patients (28.6%). This is shown in Table 4..

My partner Michel is French, and it’s so difficult to buy anything for him. He’s so fussy. If I buy him a sweater, he wants it be in his size, not mine. Peeing on the bike is one of the most challenging feats. Normally an Ironman athlete will simply slow his speed slightly, lift himself out of his saddle and then just relax his bladder. But this means that any competitors in the slip stream could be caught so you need to be mindful to avoid that..

Mr Greene said: “When I had a closer look I recognised that familiar moustache. My family have been Richmond members for a long, long time. My grandmother went for 40 odd years and missed about five games, so we’re Richmond people through and through.

Since the NDA government has not taken good care of it, it has fallen sick. If the government does course correction by reversing anti poor and employee unfriendly policies, this Jersey cow can be restored back to sound health and start giving plentiful milk. This needs a scale driven,cheap jerseys customer and employee friendly, inclusive reforms strategy; not dozens of committees but unwavering commitment of the top leadership to monitoring trains rather than Twitter.

Low scoring games were common, since there was no limit how long a team could hold the ball before shooting. Teams that could build an eight or 10 point lead often held the ball for minutes at a time to prevent an opponent from mounting a comeback. This strategy of freezing the ball and going into a stall was effective but boring for spectators..


Bettina and Neal Dill of Guilderland

Super Bowl. They went to the playoff game in Denver last month (and watched the New England game on TV), and were determined to see their Ravens play in New Orleans. But as of Thursday they didn’t have tickets to the game, or a hotel room in the Super Bowl host city.

Hoffman pointed out that the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in 1983′s In the Matter of Cadillac that in some instances, courts may permit class action lawyers to serve as lead plaintiffs (though the court also said the dual role can create an appearance of impropriety and is best avoided). Hoffman said he does not purchase products to establish standing to sue but sues only when he discovers a product is misrepresented. “I don’t like to get ripped off,” he said.

This included the benefit of the increase in interest rates, lower debt costs and interest earned on higher excess balances at the Fed.https://www.cheapjerseys-nfl.com Credit quality was solid. The provision and net charge offs increased from the very low levels of the third quarter.

Generally, the safest area to cross will be a straight section between bends in a river. If you imagine the river in the shape of the letter ‘S’ then the safest area to cross will be the middle of the ‘S’ between the bends. That way, if you should lose your footing, hopefully the current will carry you into the bank on one of the bends.

Vinegar can be applied in the same way as lemon juice but heat will not reveal the hidden message. A chemical reaction is needed, and the best chemical is found in red cabbage. Rubbing a red cabbage on the paper will reveal the message, but a better method is to boil the cabbage and use the red juice.

Ruck and Maul’s inbox was clogged last week by Saracens announcing 18 contract extensions, one by one over three days.cheap jerseys None of them did the public the courtesy of revealing how long the extensions were for so Owen Farrell could be leaving next month, for all we know. But that, of course, is not the point..

They have the biggest following around the world. More jerseys sold around the world than anybody. Then, you think the Knicks. People who organize events for a purpose are always in need of sponsors who can fund their events. Sponsorships are sought not only by non profitable organizations, but also by certain business organizations or companies who are not able to cover the entire expenses needed for an event/cause. In such cases, they request other companies or people to support them by funding their event.


The general standard is that development

offers them to the harshest misuse. The lion’s share of this is a direct result of the amazing conditions that all development gear is presented to, additionally in light of the sheer sum work that they do; when forklifts are run, they are typically run worn out. In addition to the fact that they are utilized to move substantial burdens, additionally to help beyond any doubt up inclining dividers.

While the trial did not definitively pin the scheme on Christie, it reinforced his reputation among his critics as a bully, with accounts of profane tirades, threats of bodily harm and tough guy posturing among the governor and his inner circle that seemed straight out of Sopranos. Once threw a water bottle at Kelly in anger,http://www.cheapjerseys11.com she testified. And Wildstein told the jury that Christie called him Wolf, after the character in the movie Fiction who is called in to clean up dead bodies.

Just listen to the South African Lucas Radebe. Still scarred from the days of apartheid but the World Cup soothed those negativities inside us, Radebe said. Brought peace and serenity to the country and the continent. Interchange: 14. Jayson Bukuya 15. Chris Heighington 17.

Less obvious is the idea that turbines should be spaced far enough apart to avoid the cumulative noise impacts of the interior gear boxes where kinetic wind energy is converted into electricity. Adequate spacing also allows fishing vessels to sail freely within turbine arrays while huge blades are spinning. activities require transporting equipment offshore, trenching, dredging, driving pilings and setting concrete into the sea bed, all of which tear up benthic habitats.

Dave was Sheryl’s biggest fan, and he cheered for her even more passionately than the Vikings. When she was writing Lean In,cheap jerseys she didn’t want to put her picture on the cover or share her personal stories. She wanted the book to be about progress for women, not about her.

“It’s a foretaste of things to come,” Princeton University professor Michael Oppenheimer told CNN. “Bigger storms and higher sea levels” will pile on to create a “growing threat” in the coming decades.And New York, he warned, “is highly vulnerable.”How can cities defend themselves against such powerful enemies? Some of the ideas out there may surprise you.They range from building higher sea walls and barrier islands to restoring oyster beds and installing massive gates across estuaries.Related: Superstorm Sandy breaks recordsNew York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been strategizing.His goal: mitigate future storm surges and flooding along the city’s 500 miles of coastline.That’s a huge challenge. The densely populated city is dominated by some of the nation’s most expensive real estate and is surrounded by a complex web of estuaries, tides and ocean.Should New York think of its coastline as a threat? Is it the new Amsterdam? Maybe, say experts.


On 16th October 1847 Rebmann a missionary

with the help of eight tribesmen and Bwana Kheri, a caravan leader, set off for the mountain of Kasigau, where they hoped to establish the first of mission posts. The journey went well and they returned to Mombasa on the 27th of the same month. Along the way they had heard the stories of the great mountain “Kilimansharo”, whose head was above the clouds and “topped with silver”, around whose feet lived the mountain’s people, the fearsome Jagga (now Chagga).

Not all of the National Basketball Assn.’s action takes place on the court. Licensed merchandise sales ranging from jerseys to trash cans hit $3.09 billion during the 1995 96 season. Retail competition is usually won the same way as the league championship: Nine of last season’s top 10 logos were worn by teams that made the NBA playoffs.

Barbour bag are getting to be a lot common currently as well as accessible in number of designsBarbour bag like a renowned manufacturer nameBarbour bags are already one of the many well recognized brands these days of bags with a brand name however known and revered.http://www.authenticcheapjerseyschina.com Barbour can be a company who created a one of a kind idea of style which is definitely healthy with the modern day lifestyle. Barbour bag is really a British isles model gives bags which are flexible, sturdy and also have style and design.

Since the bodybuilder is informed on how muscle building works, he realizes that it will take time. With this in mind, he creates progressive goals in small increments that lead him to the ultimate end result. This is what it takes to keep an attitude in check.

Non first time buyers can also qualify for the program if they buy in certain Urban Target Areas. The Department of Housing and Urban Development designates certain census tracts in the state as economically distressed. Income and home price limits are less restrictive in UTAs, encouraging higher earning households to buy in UTAs, such as Edison Township and New Brunswick..

A month had passed since the game at Hughes and everywhere Layne went he heard threats about him being jumped on at Woodward.cheap jerseys Girls far as Finny town would call and tell him about the threats they had heard. His brother Keith also caught wind of them at Primcutt and said he’s coming to the game strapped..

But now, its not necessary to achieve that ever again. One doesn need to have a flawed portion, as their zips along with seams are completely out of place. Vibrant styles won be however you like continually. I’ve found old TV shows that regular stores won’t carry, original Xbox games, action figures from my childhood, and crazy shirts and suits from the 1960s. The best thing about eBay is that you can shop for all of these items in one place, add them to your cart, and do one checkout. Your payment will be sent to the multiple sellers separately..


There are states that offer redemption

periods that help home owners losing their houses to foreclosure. This may help them to buy back the home by raising the money. Some states also allow the homeowners to continue living in the home for the redemption period.

This game was tied with a couple of minutes to go, and helped by a couple of favorable bounces of the basketball, Team Final jumped to a 5 point lead and with the fouling the final score was 115 to 105 in favor on Team Final. Ramon Moore played well throughout for Team Final, finishing drives to the basket with nice dips in the lane. Dalton Pepper played tough defense in the paint and hit the backboards well, despite more being a wing player as only a sophomore, he played big and well within the team concept..

You’d learn quickly there are three types of friends in this world. The first type jumps right in the water to save you.http://www.authenticcheapjerseyschina.com The second type would look for a life preserver to throw to you. New England at Cincinnati: The Giants and Steelers are off to disappointing starts to the 2013 season, sure, but what’s up with everybody’s preseason favorites the Cincinnati Bengals? After a summer of endless hype and the widespread popularity that comes with a season of HBO’s “Hard Knocks”, the Bengals have limped out of the gates with a 2 2 record. Is Andy Dalton the guy? That’s a heck of a defense and arguably the best number one wide receiver in the league on the roster. They shouldn’t be losing to Cleveland..

When host Chuck Todd asked him whether a presidential nominee’s faith should be important to voters, Carson replied by saying, “I guess it depends on what that faith is. If it’s inconsistent with the values and principles of America, then of course it should matter. But if it fits within the realm of America and consistent with the Constitution, no problem.”.

This template will work wonderfully if you want to create multiple denominations in order to teach children the value of money or basic math. You can also use these for a play store or if you are creating a custom homemade board game. The template creates two one dollar fake bills per page.

They could also pop in for a sherry and a mince pie. If this isn’t an option,cheap jerseys ask the dealer to hold on to it and bring it round to you on a pre decided date. Meanwhile wrap the keys up in a small box and let your loved one open the key on Christmas morning..

In the oakley sunglasses knockoffs other (to use his own words, given in evidence) he prescription oakley sunglasses discovered various fragments of bread, sprinkled over with some minute coach outlet handbags substance which was white and shining. He kept the fragments cheap oakley flak jacket sunglasses of bread, and left the room immediately without saying a oakley c wire word. By this course of proceeding he gave Marie no sale ray ban aviators chance of stating at the outset whether she knew of coach sneakers outlet the fragments of bread being in her pocket, or whether kids ray ban she was totally ignorant how they came there.


Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace questioned whether

could jell in time to make the playoffs and wondered about their supporting cast. Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas said everyone is jumping on the Celtics’ bandwagon, and predicted they would lose to his team Friday. Bucks guard Michael Redd said he didn’t think anyone was intimidated by Boston..

Of course, sports betting is fun. Really fun especially when your favorite team has won their game and you made a fortune out of it. However, betting is a tricky business. So at school it’s not so much of an issue, but we definitely do see, like I said, the sideways glances, the, you know, there’s a boy in the women’s bathroom. And she’s old enough now that I think it doesn’t seem as though you’re bringing your toddler into the restroom with you, it seems as though you’re bringing your son into the women’s restroom, and people get upset about it. And, I mean, the way I handle it is, you know, this is where she feels comfortable and this is where she’s going to go to the bathroom..

3. Elemental Might: Somewhere in your family line, you were mixed with primal elements. Whether it was from a strange, http://www.authenticcheapjerseyschina.commagical experiment, or one of your ancestors lay with a lord of the djinn, you find that fire, lightning, or cold manifests when you Rage.

Brunson: we take this time to see that this is a human issue and speak out together, we can greatly decrease fear and create change. Tonight we will be wearing shirts to honor and mourn the losses of precious American Citizens and to plea for change in all of us. As a nation can decide to stand up for what is right no matter your race, background or social status.

PLEASE HELP.Caesar help, we have 2 bischon mix rescue dogs. The newer dog we have had about 1 1/2 years she is aprox 6 yrs old. She was abused and seemed to hate men ,people, dogs,cars,trucks,door bells, we are our wits end, but she is loving to us,but her barking at everything drives us nuts.

Here you need to adopt different marketing strategy which could make you beat the competition and help you become a distinct entity. Instead of trying some crazy internet ideas, which may be effective but also costly, you should try some proven track and effective marketing strategy. Your first objective should be gettingthe best ROI (return on your investment) for the capital you have invested in your dream venture.

Here goesWhen is Christmas Jumper Day 2016 and what is it? Why you should wear a Santa themed topTHE FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED It’s called a Christmas jumper for a reason, chaps.19. SwanseaBonus points to The Hornets for realising what they have ACTUALLY created and only offering their jumper in child sizes.THE ATTEMPTS TO BE A LITTLE TOO COOL Granted, these look the part. In many respects, they look cooler, swankier and trendier than any of the other Premier League Christmas Jumpers on the market.However, that ignores one key factor.One does not buy a Christmas jumper from one’s favourite football team in an attempt to look cool, swanky or trendy.Best Christmas jumpers for 2016: Our ultimate guide to the good, the funny and the downright wackySuper BowlFormer Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez’s shocking shaved head explained cheap jerseys he lost a betThe ex United front man pulled off the bald look as Bayer were dumped out of EuropeArsenal FCArsenal press conference live updates as Arsene Wenger faces the media ahead of West Brom tripThe Gunners make the trip to the Hawthorns for Saturday’s early kick off see what the boss has to say hereCheltenham Gold CupWhen is the Cheltenham Gold Cup? Runners and riders, TV times, betting odds and Newsboy’s tipsAll eyes will be on the jewel in the crown of the festival here’s everything you need to know ahead of this year’s Gold CupSlimming WorldTubby teen to trolley dolly: Junk food addict branded “fat friend” on girls’ holiday sheds 6st and lands job as air stewardessAt 17, 5’6 Jodie Rigby Mee tipped the scales at 16st 7lbs, but a nasty remark overheard on holiday prompted her to fight the flabDebenhamsDebenhams launch their spring Studio by Preen collection and it’s full of the season’s best fashion trendsFrom girlie gingham separates to the sweetest of dresses, we’ll be snapping up this designer high street collaboration this spring..


It also was closure for the 43 year old Brodeur

now an assistant general manager with the St. Louis Blues. After his speech, he walked with his family to the crease in front of the net and watched the banner bearing his No. The majority of injuries occurred in males (75.0%, n=50004). Approximately 1% of admissions for head injuries were fatal compared with 0.4% of all admissions for injuries.Table 2 Characteristics of cyclists admitted to hospital in Canada, 1 April 1994 to 31 March 2008View this table:View popupView inlineThe rate of hospital admissions for cycling related head injuries in Canada among young people decreased from 17.0 to 4.9 per 100000 person years between 1994 and 2008 (fig 1). In provinces that implemented helmet legislation, the rate decreased steeply between 1994 and 2003, the time over which legislation was implemented, from 15.9 to 7.3 per 100000 person years, corresponding to a 54.0% (95% confidence interval 48.2% to 59.8%) reduction.

While working for Cherry Sky, he met director Jessica Yu (Oscar winner for the documentary “Breathing Lessons:http://www.authenticcheapjerseyschina.com The Life and Work of Mark O’Brien”), who had seen the Venom spots. Huang mentioned an idea for a comedy centered on Ping Pong to Yu, who came up with the idea of transplanting C Dub from the courts to the tables. So, the die hard baller Tsai picked up the paddle (and calculator and broom, as the budget required).

You must know how to do stretch and straddle jumps for Level 5, as well as a front handspring, a back extension roll and a round off. Uneven bar routines must include skills like kips, jumps to the high bar, under swings and half turn dismounts. Many new Level 5 gymnasts struggle with the mount onto the beam and the v sit.

Operation put my World Cup in doubt, despite qualifying. Luckily, now, I OK. I hope to get better with the exercises I am doing.cheap jerseys He’s been awarded more than $600,000 over five years, recognizing his work in public health in Camden, New Jersey. And we reached him via Skype from his office. Dr.

Since IP3 generation and its binding to IP3 receptors are essential for the BCR induced calcium mobilization from intracellular pools (Sugawara et al., 1997; Takata et al., 1995), our data indicate that PIR B aborts the initial release of Ca2+ from the intracellular pools by inhibiting IP3 generation through down regulation of PLC 2. As SHP 1 and SHP 2 are required for PIR B mediated inhibition of calcium mobilization (Maeda et al., 1998), the simplest interpretation for inhibition of PLC 2 tyrosine phosphorylation is that PLC 2 serves as a direct substrate of SHP 1 and SHP 2. Assuming that PLC 2 is a sole substrate of SHP 1 and SHP 2 by PIR B, one would predict that engagement of PIR B with BCR dephosphorylates only PLC 2 rather than many substrates.


Those days have passed Mr Vargas

third year of a 30 year contract with the Cowboys, now pays in advance. In addition, a high persistence is observed in the temporal fluctuations, both in the empirical data and simulations for a varied range of the agent’s expertise, Fig. 5. Measured by Hurst exponent (H>0.5), a similar persistence was found in the processes of thematic discussions15.

The colleges have rules against alcohol being sold at their events, but this does not include outside the arena or stadium. So most people drink there and then attend the game. The pros have limits on how much alcohol a person can buy inside of the stadium, but again nothing for outside.

10. Mikkel Diskerud (Rosenborg) “Mix” as he as often referred, a 23 year old Norwegian American, http://www.authenticcheapjerseyschina.comcurrently plays for Rosenborg in the Norwegian league. Seemingly out of nowhere, the long haired midfielder has undoubtedly earned himself a spot on the USA 2014 World Cup roster after a strong run of performances during the national team’s recent Gold Cup run.

“We’re going to try and win some more stages. It is difficult with the time bonuses. If we have one spill on a stage and then Kristoff wins, he gets the time bonus and all of a sudden he’s back up there [on GC] so we just have to be careful there. Former baseball player Wade Boggs was called the “Chicken Man,” because he had to eat chicken before every game. Ted Williams spent many hours each year picking out the perfect piece of wood that he thought would make the best bat. These are all superstitions and not routines..

As before, if a player’s helmet comes off as the result of a foul (for example, a face mask penalty),cheap jerseys the player does not have to leave the game.6. Minimum time to spike the ballTeams will need a minimum of three seconds from the referee’s signal to “spike” the ball to allow for another play at the end of a half. Teams must still execute the spike, but they will have a reasonable opportunity for another play.

The idea of the “utopian” community has a long, storied history (and a largely unsuccessful one at that), from the fictional island dreamed up by Sir Thomas More to present day attempts to build the perfect urban ecosystem. And even though the perfect society has eluded us, that hasn’t stopped people from trying. Seekers attempting to leave behind the conventions and restrictions of traditional society have created self sustaining communities ranging from groups of tofu making hippies in rural Virginia to expatriates living in treehouses in the Costa Rican rainforest (and yes, there is a community called Yogaville).




КХЛ 1/2 финала конференций

Даты: 22.03, 24.03, 26.03, 28.03

Пивной ресторан BEERVILLE
ул. Калинина 93, ТЦ “Фортуна”, 2 этаж


НОВИНКА! Bitburger/ Битбургер (Германия)

Пиво сочного цвета с плотной пеной, наполнено чистыми травяными нотами
с орехово – медовым послевкусием.
Общее впечатление пенящегося напитка – гармония с хмелевой горчинкой и
сбалансированной дынной сладостью.

Крепость 4,8 %, Плотность 11,3%
0,3 л – 105 Р;   0,5 л – 170 Р;   1,0 Л – 320 Р



26 февраля веселая вечеринка с Денисом Качуриным,
европейское пиво под вкуснейшие блюда и закуски!
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Дорогие друзья, представляем вам обновленную пивную карту по новым  ”антикризисным ” ценам!
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Раздельный обед (от 30 рублей) и комплексный обед (от 180 Р )!
Каждую неделю новые блюда!

ул Калинина 93, ТЦ “Фортуна” ,  351-243



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